May 30, 2006

SAS floating point exception error

Posted in SAS, SAS programming at 5:54 pm by Sneha

While using the high performance forecasting diagnose and engine(HPFDIAGNOSE and HPFENGINE) procedures in SAS/ETS, I have been bugged by this error for one full week.

ERROR: Domain error.
ERROR: Floating Point Exception.

I am a novice at SAS programming and unfortunately I couldn't find any online help regarding this. Anyway, somehow I have figured out one possible way that can fix this problem. Specifically in HPF diagnose, make sure that your history data has no "." in any of the observations for the dependent variable. Apparently, comparing a numeric value with a "." causes this problem.



  1. shibin said,

    i get the same error while using a graphial drawing error using c
    please reply if you find a solution

  2. serega said,

    pos yourgirls

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